Monday, August 29, 2005

Akademy day 3 talks

Today has been a quite interesting day

Keynote from Trolltech
Very interesting figures about the [quite widespread IMHO] adoption of Qt, most impresive is that there were 94 people working for them at the beginning of the year and they are now up to 140!!!

Multimedia API for KDE4
Quite interesting too, there will be some nice features in KDE4 related to multimedia, KDEMM will have the possibility of having different backends for the same frontend, that will also allow backend API changes (gstreamer we know you) without that meaning KDEMM API changes

2005 KDE-Edu BOF
Quite nice brainstorming about what to do with edu apps for KDE4, summary at

The Poppler Library
Hey dudes! That was my presentation, i was afraid no-one would come beign that late in the afternoon and having to battle with Mathieu Chouinard and Simon Hausmann, but at last there were about 7 person there (but some heavy dudes likes Cornelius and Riddell there), not that much, but that was good because i was a little worried as that was my first conference in english ever, it seems my pronuntiation was good enough as Riddell's transcript seems to have all it right :-D
BTW you can get the slides at or if you don't have KPresenter installed. You can also read the transcript (interesting because it features the small questions and answers session) at
Finally the videos are available at

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