Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Due to resource limitations we cannot support more games or game frameworks.

The BerliOS Crew

So they refused to host kombination web page, nice for them, thanks and bye, i'm not suggestion berlios as a sourceforge alternative to anyone anymore.


Jesper T. said...

Wow, thats childish.

Considering their load, its understandable that they would like limit themselves to maintain a higher quality service.

Albert Astals Cid said...

That may be childish, but if they don't want me i don't want them, it's easy.

Anonymous said...

Well, they have a lot of game projects. They did reject Battle for Wesnoth project long ago too, and we did fully understand.

Albert Astals Cid said...

Rejecting Battle for Wesnoth is most useless thing a *Forge can do.

ettin said...

Yeah, they rejected Wesnoth also.

Perhaps the ratio of games per "serious and useful software" hosted on berlios was growing too much.

They have a considerable amount of games already, and they are probably not interested in being the sourceforge for games.

Fortunately, games (and other projects, of course) are welcome at Gna!.

markey said...

From what I see, Gna still uses CVS. That's too much of a pain really..

ettin said...

markey: Gna supports both, cvs and svn. See the documentation.

Diego "Flameeyes" Petten├▓ said...

I think the main problem of Gna! is the limitations about the GNU speech.
While I understand it from a point of view, I don't think anybody a bit more open-minded can _always_ remember to put the GNU/ in front of names..

Anonymous said...

I got the same response from Berlios for my game project half a year ago. I think it is the reasonable thing for them to do, considering that their project sites are already very slow.

I ended up at Gna, which also has SVN support. Unfortunately, they only support static project homepages.


Anonymous said...

I suggest either Savannah or Alioth.