Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wish me luck

Tomorrow i'm taking my drivers license practic test, i'm going to need some luck to make it perfect so i get the license so i need your wishful thinking ;-)

On a side note i svn rm kpdf from svn! You have to use oKular on branches/work/kde4/playground/graphics from now on if you want to use kpdf on KDE4. I need helpers there as Piotr (that did oKular as part of a Google's Summer of Code) is not helping as much i would want, so if you want to take part come and join the fun!


Anonymous said...

I wish you good luck for the exam...I'll probably have that too next week.
So Good luck to us! :)
Giovanni Masucci

annma said...

Hi Albert!

I wish you the best of luck for your driving test. I am sure you'll make it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck, I have my third (UK) test in just over a week :(