Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Things to see in Morocco

This is completely FLOSS unrelated, you can skip it now if you are 100% geek ;-)

Ok, now that i've eliminated 100% geek people, let me ask one thing.

Which are the must see places in Morocco?

I'm going there a whole week in December with some friends but we do not know much about the country so i thought asking here, probably some of you have been in Morocco and have good suggestions on what we should visit.


Update: I'm back from Morocco, if you want to read about it go to this blog post


Anonymous said...

I haven't been there, but I watched a travel show on morocco once, which was very unexpected... they have quality, cheap, ski resorts there! Worth checking out I think. Should be lots of islamic and other cultural landmarks to see, too. Ouzoud Falls also look nice :)

toyg said...

The ancient capital, Fes, has probably the best medina ("old city") and it's a very safe place. I loved every bit of it.

Marrakech is bigger and more cosmopolitan (and hence more dangerous), but the Djamaa El Fna square after sunset is "the" image of Morocco, with its permanent celebration.

The Atlas mountains are rough and poor, but I had my best meals there. If you like Roman history, then Volubilis is a must see.

Anonymous said...

Avoid cities near Spain frontier (Ceuta, Tetuan, Tanger) because near the frontier there are more bad people and south cities are better.

Chaouen is a little town quite pretty, but may be many tourists.

Fez, Marrakech, Meknes.

You may want to see Todra falldowns.

Near southeast you can see the dessert. Impressive. I was near Er Foud.

Remember, you will have to lead with poor people that want your money, but they use to be polite. Just say "No, thanks" ("La, sucram").

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

One of my two life goals is to visit Morocco and a few surrounding spots (the other being to drive through Patagonia). I'm a history geek, so I was going to recommend Volubilis, but it's already been mentioned. Fez and Marakesh are the other two locations well worth seeing... keeping in mind that I've been looking at going for years but haven't made the trip yet.

Here's a useful site:


Anonymous said...

The south near Agadir (Souss) worths a visit. If you are lucky you can ski in Ifrane. Get yourself a good travelbook.

- KDE addict from Morocco

Anonymous said...

Find a local person and get to the back street restaurants where locals eat. Only there will you get the real thing.


Anonymous said...

well...someone someday must say the truth andnot only to say..oh yes is great and great and great.morocco is a dangerous country.doesn't mean if u go there u will happen to u something but u must becarefull the the peoplle.They will do everything for the money and u must becarefull don't steall u anytime.The probllem is that everywhere can happen all these and anytime.U can't feel safe and easy as european countries forget it.That's all only