Thursday, July 06, 2006

I suck

This is a follow up to the I rock blog from a few days ago, maybe with it, some people tought i am that kind of person that can only see his good points and thinks himself is perfect, just to make sure, i'm not that kind of person :-D

And why i suck? Well, today was my fourh fail trying to pass the driving test and i did get into contrary direction no less!!!

Well, at least i lasted a bit more than that poor girl that could not even start because she did not remember of disengaging the hand brake :-/

Well, five is a good number right?


melenas said...

Don't worry Albert, I pass my test drive at fifth try, eleven years ago.

Along this eleven years, I have drive without any accident or got fined.

Just relax and try to practice with a friend, parent or relative.

Trust me, you can improve a lot if you practice outside drive academy.

Mike Arthur said...

Took me six, and no accidents other than the first few weeks after I passed, by I put that down to cocky teenager syndrome.

Good luck with the next!

Rafael Carreras said...

Five worked for me, too.

segedunum said...

Wouldn't worry about it. Just keep practicing and keep going, and don't give up. Passing a driving test is like a lottery. I know many driving examiners the world over say it's about 'safety', but it's still a lottery.

Get some more practice in and some confidence, and then go for a test early on Monday morning ;-).