Saturday, October 07, 2006

okular features #3

Overview mode

Okular provides a new displaying mode in adition to the single page and facing pages already provided by kpdf. In this mode you set the number of columns you want to see in the page view and the pages are layouted following this setting.


sAra said...

cool to see some work towards kde 4.0 I think that even if okular is a simple aplication it was necesary to have a modern document viewer. Also, do oyu know what file formatt okular will suppert i see pdf, png, .doc.

Anonymous said...

What a pitty that Okular is not available for current Linux desktops.

pinotree said...

@sara: on our website we have a grid with the status of okular generators.

@anonymous: heh, we know... but we're working even for satisfying your (you all) patience.

Anonymous said...

Tell me if I'm wrong but the sample image shows a MS Word doc without any issues (I guess there will be some "serious" issiues anyway, but who cares. It's opensoure and it will get better). What I want to say is that okular seem to bekome what kpdf is right now for me. MY FAVOURITE VIEWER. Oh you KDEvelopers are such great people. Thanks for all the afford you put into it! When I think back how kpdf looked like 1,5 years ago and how the other vievers looked like. What a huge progress. I whis my project would do so too :(.
I wonder if there will be tab support and if yes how will this be handeled if okular is embeded to konqueror (my most used tool).

pinotree said...

@anonymous: unfortunately you're wrong, as that is a PDF document with just that special title "MS Word - dispense.doc".
About the konqueror integration, it's exactly like kpdf, ie an embeddable kpart component. So, you can just open any document okular supports directly in konqueror.

Anonymous said...

Well MS Word doc files are outdated anyway ;). ODF is the future. And KOffice or OOo do the job too. So I wonder if we would speak about a feature or bug if okular would read docs. :) Just kidding. Okular will only have features!
BTW, this type of view from your post is a long awaited feature for me.
I hope I'm not bothering you but can you direct (or tell) me(us) to a page with more details about the okular project (besides: For example I wonder if okular will have tab support?
And thanks for replying.