Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Solution for KUbuntu 3.5.5 and USB not automounting

Well, some friends of mine had this problem, after updating to Kubuntu 3.5.5 packages their USB/iPod did not automount like before. At the end we discovered i had a newer libhal (0.5.7-1ubuntu18.1 vs 0.5.7-1ubuntu18) because they did a 3.5.3 -> 3.5.5 update while i did 3.5.3 -> 3.5.4 -> 3.5.5 and the 3.5.4 update adds the newer libhal, so if you are having problems with Kubuntu 3.5.5 and did not do the 3.5.4 update, add
deb http://kubuntu.org/packages/kde-354 dapper main
to your sources and update and you'll see libhal update appear and hopefully fix your problem. Riddell toldme he is going to add libhal update also to the 3.5.5 packages, but meanwhile, try it.
Update 1:Seems that does not work for everybody, sorry for you, it worked for some.
Update 2:Seems that Riddell already added new hal packages to 3.5.5 repository so this is not needed anymore, just update and [dist-]upgrade.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!!!
I was wondering what was the problem for a week...

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I posted this problem on the Kubuntu Forum and have posted the link to your solution. Its under 'Software Support, After update to KDE 3.5.5 USB pen drive doesn't mount'

Anonymous said...

did not work for me. I already had the latest libhal and situation is the same.