Tuesday, April 03, 2007

HPLIP team rocks

So i had a problem printing a PS file. First i did was contact our resident KDE printing guru, Kurt Pfeifle.

He ensured me the file seemed correct as three different PostScript printers printed the file correctly so it might be a problem in the HPLIP driver of my HP PSC 1610

Today i contacted the hplip-help mailing list:
16:37:23 - my mail reaches the list
17:39:34 - an HP engineer contacts me so so i send him the file in private (as it contains semi-sensitive data)
18:17:04 - i send the file
19:12:43 - confirmation that they can reproduce the problem (yay! for bug reproductivity)
23:30:38 - i get a patch for latest HPLIP release making my PS file print correctly

Now try to do this on windows...


Anonymous said...

That's cool, although I expect it would already work on windows. Did you try? :-P

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that is realy impressive. HPLIP works well for my printer as well.
But there is still one big issue with HP printers:


Colour Inkjet All-in-one print, most scan. But no printer can use the photo are fax-feature. Well, I can live with that. BUT: The copy-feature is also no working. That is really a shame because I know many using these devices for the 10 copies they have to do per month. Not worth to go to a copy shop...

Well, I hope that will change in 2007 as my sister has such a printer :)

Albert Astals Cid said...

#1: I did not try, maybe it worked maybe it did not, but the fact is that i doubt that in case it had not worked i would have had the bug fixed in less than a day.

djw said...


"But no printer can use the photo are fax-feature."

Could you please post any defects with HPLIP to the HPLIP mailing list?