Monday, April 09, 2007

Printing hack in KPDF 0.5.7

KPDF is usually good enough at printing documents, but sometimes it fails completely.

And there's nothing worse that having a document you need to print and not beign able to do it. To fix that situation i just added a small hack to KPDF version that will be released with KDE 3.5.7.

In that version there will be a PDF Options tab with a Force rasterization checkmark that will let you force KPDF to render each PDF page to an image and print the image instead convert PDF commands into PS commands. This is bad as you lose the vector side of having a PS, but in cases KPDF did show the document correctly, but printing failed, i think it will be a welcome addition.


pacodani said...

Any news about when will be kde 3.5.7 available? gracias!

Anonymous said...

Although off-topic, I'd like to know if the KPDF team plan to add embedded video playing to KPDF. PDF spec supports it, and some pdf generators, like LaTeX Beamer class for instance, use this feature to create beutiful presentations. But currently no linux pdf viewer supports embedded video (as far as I know).

Anonymous said...

Its disturbing that you think this should be an "option" and not something the program just does without being told to do so.

Anonymous said...

@pacodani: no schedule for KDE 3.5.7 has been decided yet. So, at least 4-6 weeks from today.

@orestes: okular has already support for sounds in PDFs, although nothing yet for movies.

@anonymous: it was added as option because it's needed only for few cases, not for the majority of printing. (Albert correct me if I'm wrong.)

Emil Beli said...

I am not on KDE or any linux team of developers, but I am developer myself.

I would not call it "hack", but rather "creative solution", and it IS welcome.