Wednesday, August 15, 2007

poppler 0.6 Release Candidate 2 released

Today i released poppler 0.5.91 aka 0.6 Release Candidate 2

Changes include:
- Various memory leaks fixed
- Compile with --enable-fixedpoint. Bug #11110
- Header cleanup
- Remove dependency on debugxml. Bug #11187
- Allow access to more document metadata in glib and qt4 frontends
- Several glib API frontend improvements
- Fix crash on accessing embedded files
- Build on Sun Force compiler
- Render '*' instead of the actual content in password form fields
- Fix pdftohtml complex output. Bug #9746 and #11610
- Windows build fixes
- Improve Japanese font support. Bug #11413
- Do not exit the program on files that confuse libjpeg
- Update required cairo version to 1.4
- Fix CVE-2007-3387

Testing, patches and bug reports welcome.

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SaroEngels said...

It seems as if there are still some issues on windows if you don't have pkg-config installed; it is impossible to override the non-existance of pkg-config, the most simple solution is to makeup a dummy shell script called pkg-config which only outputs something. I will contact you later about that issue;-)