Thursday, August 02, 2007


Let me begin with something everyone agrees with "All spanish ISP suck".
That said i have to suggest any spanish reader out there to avoid
I've been a ADSL user for two years now, and besides minor hiccups and their broken DNS servers i was fairly satisfied, but not anymore.
On July 16th, my internet connection stopped working, it is still not working, and their technical service as marked my incidence as WONTFIX. They have told me all is fine in their side and what i have to do is call the company that is providing them the service (they are mere resellers) and tell them to fix my problem.
WTF?¿? Why do i have to call that company i'm not paying anything for my connection. I'm paying for my connection and any normal people would think it's them who have to fix my problems. But well, i did call the other company, four times, and obviously they told me "hi Mr Astals you are not our client and we can't help you, sorry"
So i'm giving up from and just going to some other company to see if i have more luck.

On the Free Software side this means you won't have non-gui-blocking text search in Okular in less than two weeks (while i have done it for weeks) and that someone else will have to release poppler 0.5.9 RC2 (or wait until i get internet again)

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Porcel said...


I went through something similar when I move from the US to Spain about a year and half ago.

I tried to sign up with Wanadoo and they never managed to set up service. What they did manage is to block me from getting DSL service by having the circuit assigned to them at the Telco, which meant no other company could provide me with DSl service either.

I spent two and a half months with Wanadoo and Telefonica blaming each other for not being able to provide service. Eventually, somebody suggested ONO and I was so desperate that I thought, I have nothing to lose.

They came in the next day after I signed up, did the coaxial wiring, gave me a regular bridged modem that I could use with my existing router, did not care that I was running Linux, and were very nice throughout. I have only had a couple of minor hiccups in the 16 months that I have been with them and it never lasted more than a few hours.

I am not sure what ONO's service is like in other areas of Spain, however, but it might be worth a try and it means that you don't have to deal with all the baggage of telephone companies.

Your mileage, of course, might vary, but it's worth a shot.

If you want to come down to Granada, I have a nice working environment (well, my nine month old baby sometimes decides to do some opera singing but he is quite well behaved) with a working broadband line.

As I see it, anything I can do to speed KDE development is a plus. I hope you get your situation straightened out.