Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spanish computer shops to sell Free Software

I read from a Mercè Molist article (spanish) that the "Spanish Association of Small and Medium Sized Computer and New Technologies Companys" will inform their clients about free software, computers more compatible with it and how to claim back Windows fee if you bought a Windows preloaded computer. A really nice move, let's see what's its future.


David B. said...

Muchas gracias, Albert. Esperemos que la medida descubra a mucha gente el mundo del software libre!!!
Por cierto...
Como les diría Obi-Wan "enhorabuena, has dado el primer paso hacia un mundo sin límites" >-DDDD
un gran saludo!!!

Anders Norgaard said...

Hi Albert,

I'm a foreigner living i Barcelona. Do you have any good links on how to reclaim the windows cost? I just bought a laptop.

anders dot norgaard at gmail dot com


Albert Astals Cid said...

Sorry Anders, no idea about it, you should try to ask on your shop or directly to the association Mercè mentions in his article.