Saturday, November 10, 2007

Poppler 0.6.2 released

Available from

Changes since 0.6.1:
poppler core:
* Fix CVE-2007-4352, CVE-2007-5392 and CVE-2007-5393
* Fix a crash on documents with wrong CCITTFaxStream
* Fix a crash in the Cairo renderer with invalid embedded fonts
* Fix a crash with invalid TrueType fonts
* Check if font is inside the clip area before rendering
it to a temporary bitmap in the Splash renderer. Fixes crashes on
incorrect documents
* Do not use exit(1) on DCTStream errors
* Detect form fields at any depth level
* Do not generate appearance stream for radio buttons that are not active
* mingw fixes

build system:
* Require fontconfig >= 2.0
* builddir != srcdir fixes

Qt4 frontend:
* Improved documentation

* Fix FSF address

Testing, patches and bug reports welcome.


Anonymous said...

When will poppler honor the system hinting settings?
IMHO opinion this is a showstopper. Sometimes I have to revert to the adobe reader to get nice non hinted fonts.

Albert Astals Cid said...

Use to report bugs or suggest enhancements. The component is poppler.

Anonymous said...

hi albert, sorry for the rant.
but this problem has been around for years and devs seem to not care. Seems like they think that antialiased *and* hinted fonts is best you can get from freetype. which is not.
Here's the bug:

towolf said...

This bug pertains to this problem as well.
The problem is the patch herein doesn't work anzmore and needs attention by people who know the codebase