Monday, June 23, 2008

Installed OpenSuse 11.0

Just installed OpenSuse 11.0 in the laptop. They've done an good job in overall putting KDE 4 in a distro but i had two important problems, so i'm going to blog about them so that if someone has the same problem can find it.

First, the installer misdetected my monitor resolution, then i told him the good one, but that ended up in a messed xorg.conf that applied zoom onto the desktop, i had the remove the Option "PreferredMode" line from the file.

Second, knetworkmanager won't connect to my wifi network, i had to update (using a wired connection) and then it worked like a charm.


Anonymous said...

I installed Opensuse 11 last week and had the same problem with wifi. I also updated over a wired connection and then it worked.

I also had a problem with the mousepad: scrolling was turned on, but the scrollbar was on the bottom instead of the right side. Bottom-right corner scrolled down, Bottom-left corner scrolled up! Disabled scrolling by choosing a generic mouse and now the mousepad works.

Anonymous said...

I also had the same issues. The installer got wrong my lcd (800x600 when mine is 1280x800).
However my wifi issues were different. Network manager was successfully connecting to the internet but firefox wasn't able to render anything. I had to disable ipv6 protocol and to hack /etc/sysctl.conf

Anonymous said...

i also had same issues with wifi, but i didn't use a wired connection, after trying a bit i just logged off and on (or maybe i rebooted, dont remember) and it worked. interesting

Anonymous said...

I had similar problems which were fairly quickly solved.

Some things are not as easily resolved. Installing Kate for 4.1 has involved a dependency hell I haven't seen in a long time as have other things. Seems there's some way to go there.

All in all, pretty content with it though I don't find it as polished as some of the reviews would say.



Anonymous said...

The wifi issue has been solved already, but please report the X configuration problems to bugzilla, might be that your display is unknown or wrongly detected.

Albert Astals Cid said...

I already reported them ;-)