Saturday, June 07, 2008

Looking for PDF with JPX streams

I'm currently working on a patch for poppler that makes use of OpenJPEG to decode JPX streams instead of the xpdf inherited code because the inherited code does not work for some PDF and i think that there's no reason not to use an already existing solution if it works. And that's the question, i need more PDF with JPX streams to be sure my 170 lines of code + OpenJPEG can replace the 3200 of xpdf code without any regression.

So if you could

cd /
find -name "*pdf" -exec grep -H JPXDecode {} \;

or as said in the comments

locate -0 .pdf | xargs -0 -n 1 grep -H JPXDecode

and send me ( a link to the pdf or the file pdf itself of all the files that match.


Anonymous said...

Hello Albert,

I couldn't find an eMailAdress, so I just leave two url here in this comment:

are the only two files on my notebook which are matching.



hdh said...

ISBN 0-321-44561-9 (The Rails Way) is the only PDF matching that on my comp.

For someone with a locate database, you can use:
locate -0 .pdf | xargs -0 -n 1 grep -H JPXDecode
for a quicker search.

Anonymous said...

Here is one file I found:
file 1

Anonymous said...

A more appropriate comment would have had real Links.Sorry.




Anonymous said...

will your code also render PDFs with JPEG/JPEG2000 faster then xpdf's code?

Albert Astals Cid said...

@comment 5: Yes it's a bit faster, but it's only for JPEG2000, not for JPEG.

cassens said...

The only one matching I have is this PhD thesis.

Ivo said...


And there may be more files that use it on that site.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hi. The only pdf I have found is Excerpts from The LaTeX Graphics Companion, 2nd edition.

By the way (and this is totally off topic) do you know what's the state of javascript in pdfs? I read a mail from Pino about making poppler able to read javascript, but that was in March.

I'm specially interested in being able to reproduce pdf animations like the ones created by the animate LaTeX package.

Do you know if it would be hard to add support for this? Is there a way I can sponsor this task?

Thanks in advance,

pinotree said...

@anonymous of comment #11:
I committed my patches, they will be in the next minor release of Poppler (0.10).

Furthermore, I have been working with the KJS developers, and thus Okular 0.7 (KDE 4.1) will have a really (really) basic JavaScript support.
Although, so far it is not enough for the most common JavaScript-in-PDF usages, but at least it is a start.
And no, it is not enough, yet, to make the LaTeX animate stuff working.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pino! Nice to read that. I really appreciate your work (and the work of all the people who develops okular and poppler, of course).

I'm a bit busy these days, but in two to three weeks i'll have the time, and I will try to investigate a bit about all that.