Friday, March 19, 2010

Junior Job: Port poxml away from Qt3Support

This is a junior job for all of you that want to get started in KDE development and don't know what to do, kdesdk/poxml is a set of tools used to convert KDE xml-based documentation to po (translator friendly format) and back. They are still using Qt3Support, that is not bad per se, but is not good either.

Doing the port should be straightforward if you have some Qt experience and read the docs on porting form Qt3 to Qt4.

Of course i'll be there to help and review the final diff, so what are you waiting for?


Paulo RĂ´mulo said...


Where I can find material talking about the port from Qt3 to Qt4?


Albert Astals Cid said...

Let's see what google says:



Anonymous said...

Will this ever show up on the list of junior jobs? Meaning somewheres on this page: