Saturday, March 06, 2010

Updating KDE/Konqueror web shortcuts

Speaking with maelcum on #kde-devel we found out that KDE web shortcuts are a bit out of date since for example they don't have yahoo nor bing so we thought updating the list of KDE web shortcuts would be a good entry project for someone that wanted to start contributing to KDE.

You can find the current list of KDE web shortcuts at

Once you have a proposal come to #kde-devel in and hunt for maelcum or me (tsdgeos).


Joachim Mairböck said...

Do you know if there are any plans that Konqueror could support the OpenSearch format like Firefox?

saLOUt said...

OpenSearch integration would be interesting.

nixternal said...

Konqueror already supports opensearch :)

Anonymous said...

One for youtube, one for google maps. Both lying around for some time...

Maybe some foo can be done with the google one, but I'm not really into that. just works...

Kevin Kofler said...

Cuil might also be worth adding. According to the server logs for the VPS I use, they appear to be the only production search engine other than the big 3 (Google, M$, Yahoo!) which is actively doing indexing.

Ezio said...

I have crate this for youtube

[Desktop Entry]