Thursday, July 08, 2010

KDE Translations in danger of being removed for 4.5

If you are a user of KDE in ones of these languages you might want to contact me at since the old translators seem to have gone AWOL and if no urgent work is done in the less than three weeks that are left to 4.5 on them they will not be released with KDE 4.5

The endangered languages are:
* ar - Arabic
* csb - Kashubian
* eo - Esperanto (they are not AWOL but still endangered so help is always welcome)
* fy - Frisian
* hi - Hindi
* mai - Maithili
* mk - Macedonian
* si - Sinhala
* tg - Tajik


Berend said...

Hope that Frisian can make it.
Started to late, but we wil see wat we can do

Berend said...

Yes, the Frisian KDE has made it.
With time to spare.