Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Konqueror 4.4.4 vs Firefox 3.6.6

People say Facebook doesn't work in KHTML? Where is the send button in firefox?

And yes, i know that's something probably that is "my fault" since the button seems to show up for other people that is sitting in the table around me.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes... and the winner is... Firefox.

Anonymous said...

What is facebook? Some kind of _stealware_? Anyway, Konqueror/KHTML is too slow for daily use. It gets locked several times when webpage is loading and I try to scroll. And see http://www.abclinuxu.cz/images/screenshots/9/7/159779-benchmark-browseru-13691.png
... no good for konqueror

Beat Wolf said...

try to access your favorites on youtube (top right there is a button, khtml does not expand it). Or try to watch the pictures on one of the bigger news portals of switzerland (just click the left or right button under the picture):

and somehow chrome seems to load webpages waaay faster. But thats subjective, but the other 2 issues are real issues.

Albert Astals Cid said...

Are you guys sure you know how to read?
Where did i say Konqueror is better than Firefox?
Where did i say that konqueror works better than firefox in youtube?
In 20min.ch?
No, i said that *for me* firefox was not showing a particular button and it was shown in Konqueror.

Anonymous said...

Firefox sucks! However, it doesn't suck more then Safari and IE (both sucks the most), Chrome, Opera and Konqueror. When Konqueror will start using webkit (which is yours technology taken and modified by apple) then it will probably rock. Right now, Konqueror has problems in displaying some sites.

Unknown said...

The problem in my opinion is not KHTML but the konqueror's instability..

Anonymous said...

Albert, no te preocupes, haters gonna hate ;)

Anonymous said...

C'mon Albert, what is that site for anyway ... it's just a piece of crap, no one should use facebook for its license agreement. What I really don't understand are "GPL lovers" using facebook... for instance, everything you type on facebook is property of that "facebook guy". You write words 'my head' and your head now belongs to him and you end up with no head!