Sunday, October 03, 2010

Back from Madrid

So I'm just on the bus on my way home back from Madrid. There I attended the Solid sprint in the UFO CODERS (aka afiestas+ereslibre) office. Unfortunately I didn't get much solid hacking done besides helping afiestas and ereslibre here and there with minor C++KDE things and the typical "const & in foreach" fixing (I knew that beforehand and that is why I didn't ask the KDE eV for sponsoring my trip) but I really had a productive weekend in other KDE and KDE España related things and it was really nice meeting Sebas, Will, Kevin, Alex, Rafa and Agustín again and meeting Will+2, Dario, Lamarque and Javier (Spanish OpenSuse community member) for the first time so "Solid Sprint 2010 FTW!". The only problem is the 6 hours of sleep in 48 hours are starting to kill me :D

Picture stolen from Sebas twitter:

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