Tuesday, September 28, 2010

XPS viewer for Linux

From time to time people ask me what i use to view XPS in Linux (unfortunately my company uses them for the salary sheets and stuff like that) and my answer is Okular. So that means there is a lack of awareness of all the document formats Okular supports, so remember, if you are forced into an XPS file Okular will help you :-) And yes, it does not implement all the features of the format but all files i have seem to open fine so you know the deal, if you have one that doesn't work, report a bug and maybe then it will work in the next version

Update: BTW Okular is supposed to work (i never tried myself) on other OSes including, Windows, MacOsX, *BSD, etc but seems those people has less problems finding a suitable viewer there


Michael Pyne said...

I actually had an opportunity to try Okular on Windows (I think during the 4.2 timeframe) and it actually worked quite well IIRC.

Mutlu said...

Okular really is one of the best applications I know. I simply love it. :)

Thank you and all the other Okular and poppler developers for this wonderful present!

Matthieu Gallien said...

I would like to just react to the okular usage on windows. I am using okular since I was able to with my linux distribution. I recently moved jobs and now have to use windows. I am very happy to still use okular.
Thank you to all the okular team, you have a very happy user

Zhiqiang Ma said...

mupdf is another good option. It works well for me, especially when Evince fails to open some XPS files: http://www.fclose.com/b/forum/view-xps-files-on-linux-thread35.0/

Nitin Reddy said...

Linux users running Gnome can use eVince instead of Okular - it helps avoid the installation of the KDE dependencies.