Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dear Lazyweb: 2nd bag at Ryanair

I'm taking a flight with Ryanair on Thursday and i happen to need to carry more than 15Kg the first bag allows you to carry. I know for sure that other companies (e.g. Aer Lingus) do not increase your weight allowance when you book another bag, that is, with one bag you can carry 20Kg and if you pay to ship 2 bags you can still carry only 20Kg. I've been reading the Ryanair Terms and Conditions and they are totally unclear so I'd like to know if any of you has taken a flight with Ryanair lately (say less than 6 months) with two bags and it meant that you could carry 15Kg per bag (30Kg total) or just 15Kg total.


burke said...

Either you can have each 15 KG per bag if you book a second bag, or you put that stuff into your hand baggage. Hand baggage can be quite big on most airlines.

Blue Lightning said...

@burke: not on Ryanair, they limit cabin baggage to 10kg (and they are quite strict about it).

Anonymous said...

I answered your question on boards. But just in case you missed it there: Ryanair allow you to pick between 15kg and 20kg for your first bag. A second bag gives you an additional allowance of 15kg.

Yes, this is different from most other airlines.

Yes, this is a newish rule and used to be different.

Yes, I tried it myself. I paid for two bags and took 35kg (20kg + 15kg).