Tuesday, July 05, 2011

KDE 4.7 needs you: Bulgarian, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Icelandic, Kannada, Maithili, Wallon Translators

KDE 4.7 is going to be tagged in about two weeks and those 8 languages (Bulgarian, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Icelandic, Kannada, Maithili, Wallon) that were part of KDE 4.6 currently do not meet the essential requirements to be released and thus will not be released with KDE 4.7 unless someone starts working on it now.

It seems the old translators do not have much time at their hands at the moment, so if you are a speaker of any of those languages and want to keep using KDE in your language, now is the moment to act, contact me at aacid@kde.org to see how you can help yourself and other speakers of your language!

Update: Icelandic is actually fine and meets the essential requirements, it was a mistake on my side that add them to the list.


ewrt said...

Hi, I speak Bulgarian, and maybe I could try translate it in time. But I have never done this before (only developer, not translator :p), so a mini-howto would be really apreciated.


turin said...

@alexandernst, you can drop me a line, I'm the Bulgarian coordinator.

Albert Astals Cid said...

@turin: Hope you are not upset by my blog post, i was afraid not much improvement had happened lately

turin said...

It's OK -- I know the deadline is near and I guess I'll find time to finish the work. But still any help will be welcomed.

Björgvin Ragnarsson said...

þarna skall hurð nærri hælum!