Wednesday, September 14, 2011

KDE l10n essential requirements changed

In the past we asked KDE translation teams to translate kdebase at least a 75% if they wanted to be part of a KDE release. With the evolution of KDE towards something less monolithic it made less and less sense to have that requirement, so today, going along with the split of the old kdebase directory of translations to kde-runtime, kde-workspace and kde-baseapps we have changed the requirement to be a 90% of kde-runtime.

It is a increase in percentage, but it is really a decrease of total messages required since previously 75% of kdebase was around 13000 messages and 90% of kde-runtime is around 3000.

You can check the essential requirements for what will be KDE 4.8 at


Anonymous said...

Looking at the kde-runtime stats, it looks a lot as if several languages had been translating exactly 75% of kdebase in random strings. These languages now have 60-80% kde-runtime coverage and will have up to a thousand extra strings to translate to make 4.8. :-( Even French only barely makes it above 90%. Arabic is once again in danger of getting dropped. (We had several user complaints in Fedora the last time kde-l10n-Arabic got dropped.)

Albert Astals Cid said...

Hi Kevin, it is true that unfortunately some languages that qualified for 4.7 now do not qualify for 4.8 as of now, the i18n mailing list has been informed about it and at the moment noone has complained so given that 4.8 is veeeery far away I am confident that they will qualify again.

BTW, you can point your users my way and we'll turn them into translators ;-)