Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poppler 0.18.0 released

Poppler 0.18.0 is here! It took 9 months and was delayed around 3 months because of my infamous laptop dead but I was finally able to release 0.18.0 today.

The changes are too big to explain in detail (12000 lines changed in 236 files) but I'll give a few highlights:
* General speed improvements
* Quaility and speed improvements in the Splash renderer (used by Okular)
* Quaility improvements in the Cairo renderer (used by Evince)
* Better Annotation support
* Better Form support
* Introduction of pdftocairo, a command line utility that uses the Cairo renderer to render pdf pages to png, etc.
* Introduction of pdfseparate, a command line utility that extracts pages of PDF files
* Introduction of pdfunite, a command line utility that can merges multiple PDF files into a single one
* Removal of pdftoabw as it was unmaintained
* Removal of the Qt3 frontend as it was unmaintained

You can have a look at the full changelog going to the Poppler releases page and having a look at the changes of 0.18.0, 0.17.4, 0.17.3, 0.17.2, 0.17.1 and 0.17.0


ModernHacker said...

Awesome. Are builds of Evince and Okular with the new library available yet?

Anonymous said...

Nice work! It now renders a file properly for which I previously need Acrobat. Finally I can get rid of that bloated, buggy thing :)

The User said...

What was the reason for the 3 months delay? Setting up working environment?

Xavier Carol said...

Good work! As always TSDgeos rules :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice work! Is it possible to include the functionality of pdfseparate in the poppler-qt4 library itself? I need such a feature for my application. I would also be happy to see Poppler::PSConverter be able to export to EPS, so I wouldn't need to use pdftops -eps for that anymore (and be able to remove the dependency on the poppler-utils package).

Albert Astals Cid said...

@ModernHacker: We only release source code, not builds, so you'll have to ask your distribution of choice

@Anonymous1: Great!

@The_User: Not having a laptop to do real work on it

@Xavi: Tx!

@Anonymous2: It is not on my list at the moment but since the functionality is there and you seem to be able to code I think it should not be that difficult for you writing the wrapping code for the qt4 frontend.

Mutlu said...

Wow! Stunning. :) We owe you guys tons.

Leonardo Fontenelle said...

I got several hundreds of PDF documents (mostly scientific papers) stored, and I must say I am really glad Poppler 0.18 is out. Columns are better selected, subpixel hinting is working, and indeed speed has improved. Thank you all!