Wednesday, May 15, 2013

4.11 Soft Feature Freeze in 7 days!

Remember the 4.11 Soft Feature Freeze is in 7 days so try to get your features ready for merging as soon as possible. If you add your features to the Feature Plan you get two weeks more until Hard Feature Freeze. Even if you don't need those two weeks you should add them anyway since it really helps other teams like promo, Q/A, etc. to have the features listed in one place.

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting, comparing releases of KDE to gnome. If I browse planet gnome during the release cycle, it's very obvious to me what exciting new things will be coming with each new gnome release. They do a VERY great job about getting people excited for the release.

Compared to KDE, I have absolutely no idea what expect! What's worse, browsing (1), it's still not clear. Sometimes, individual projects like dolphin and kwin try to explain what is going on, but otherwise, it's quite tough to get excited about releases!