Friday, November 07, 2014

KDE Gardening Love Project: KRecipes

KRecipes has been in 2.0beta since 2010 so we decided it will be our next Love Project.

* We want to release 2.0 "quickly" and then 2.1 in one/two months.
* Migrate over to
* Migrate contents over to
* Add krecipes group to reviewboard that mails the KDE mailing list
* Add krecipes to jenkins that mails the mailing list
* Make sure bugs/reviewboards are defaulted to and go thorugh
* Port some of the Qt3Support code (make sure don't break stuff) :D

We will be updating this list at

If you want to join the initiative please join the KDE Gardening mailing list and announce yourself :)


manuel said...

«We want to release 2.0 "quickly" and then 2.1 in one/two months.»

And then? Will KRecipes be neglected again?

Albert Astals Cid said...

Let me understand, are you really complaining that someone is working for free for a program you use?

Seems weird to me.

Richard said...

Overtaking maintainership is out of scope of the KDE Gardening team (for a multitude of reasons).

However this doesn't mean that might someone else steps up, encouraged by the "gardening work". (Especially since it will be then fully hosted on the KDE-infrastructure and hence easier to step in.)

Furthermore a receipe software is surely nothing which is under constant technical progress (like a browser for instance), so the user might just live well with it as is.

hirnsushi said...

I'm really glad the Gardening Team picked KRecipes!
I just found out it exists a few weeks ago and didn't try it because it seemed dead, but it definitly fills a void on my system.
Sadly can't help with any coding, but I would help with any dumb work if there is any.

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work! i did not know about the project but i think the spirit of your work will bear fruits even outside of these projects.

Albert Astals Cid said...

@hirnsushi: The migration of content from the SourceForge web to the KDE wiki requires no coding at all, if you're willing to work on that please say so on the list.

hirnsushi said...

Seems I was a bit too slow there, will watch the list if something else pops up.