Friday, February 18, 2022

Okular: Signature verification User Interface added to Okular mobile interface

Okular has two user interfaces, you can control which one you get when compiling okular by setting the OKULAR_UI cmake variable to desktop (the default) or to mobile (which you can build just fine on the desktop too, there's nothing "mobile only" in it).

The mobile one is built on top of Kirigami and is more oriented to use with touch screens. It also has fewer features, for example, you can't add annotations nor fill forms. I could say it's less likely you need those features on a mobile form factor but that's less and less true as time goes and computing shifts to mobile devices, but that's a story for another day.

One of the features that was missing until today is the user interface parts related to Digital Signature verification, that is, those parts that say if a PDF is signed, if the signature is valid, let you see the certificate, etc.

Now the same as with the desktop version, you get 

the "This document is signed" (and it's variations) banner

The Signature tree on the sidebar/drawer

The Signature properties dialog

And the Certificate properties dialog

The last two are not super great looking but there's not much more you can do when you have to dump lots of data to the user.


smihael said...

Thanks for your work on the signatures feature! For me a blocking bug still seems to be that non_ASCII letters are not rendered at all in the signature stamp:

Albert Astals Cid said...

Yes, that is a bug.

smihael said...

A bug that blocks every user with a name that contains non-ASCII letters from using signing feature of Okular. That is most of the world actually (everyone in the countries with non-latin alphabets, some people in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German or any Slavic speaking countries).

I'd try to resolve the bug myself, but it would be nice that some of the developers at least gives a hint which of the widgets is responsible for creating the visible hint.

Albert Astals Cid said...

If you spent 4 seconds reading my blog instead of complaining you'd know I am working on that. 3rd item on