Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Catalan l10n team and Catalan government work together

Today it was announced that the KDE Catalan l10n team known as ( cat >> KDE ) will work together with TERMCAT, the organization that standarizes new words, usually technology related, in the Catalan language.

The exact collaboration terms are still not completed, but we will surely provide them access to the NX account we have on the OpenUsability server, so they can test the translations while we work on them.

So thanks also to Kurt and the OpenUsability team for providing us with access to that NX machine where the translators can have a look at how their translation will look in a given program, as that is often a program as they translate "unreleased" versions of the programs.

More info on http://www.lafarga.org/node/1052 (Catalan language)

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