Sunday, February 19, 2006

What my work colleagues liked about KDE

Some weeks ago i installed KUbuntu at work to help improving the multi-OS behaviour of our Qt based product.

What is interesting is to know which things they have liked more about KDE, first are konqueror shortchuts gg: imdb: en2es: es2en:, second there is RSIBreak, they like that cute program that helps you avoid RSI, and third and finally they woed about ... kruler!!!

So for all those that say that those little "toys" are not good for KDE shut up, i got office people interested in KDE with all those small progams ;-)


Anonymous said...

I'm a Gnome user myself, but yes, having a program to remind you to take keyboard breaks is pretty useful. Annoying, yes, but very useful.

Anonymous said...

I agree, as a web developer, the combination of Kruler, KColorChooser and KMag is invaluable

Daniel "Suslik" D. said...

Another story:

I was staffing the KDE booth on SCaLE. One gent walked up and introduced himself as a representative of the retired crowd.

He said, for people of his interest the "killer apps" are:
- "That applet that makes penguins run around the desktop" and
- "That mode of the clock that counts time in increments of 'weekend' 'early in the week' 'later in the week'"

He sure made my day

tolmaion said...

I certainly have to agree tat KRuler... well... rules :). Whenever I'm taking measurements in my gnuplot diagrams, I'm using nothing but KRulers (multiple instances to serve as coordinate axes ;). The only thing I could wish for would be a slightly transparent ruler so that it doesn't cover the portion of the graph behind it.

Also, KRuler somehow is extremely eye-catching and I have gotten comments like "cool ruler" from passers-by.