Saturday, February 11, 2006

KDE meetings, Languages and Trolls

Well, if you have a look at Akademy-es 2006 meeting news item on the dot you will see it turned into completely off-topic discussion. Probably my fault, i'm sorry.

This does not means i regret of the comment i did as it is completely right IMHO, let's have a cold look at it.

A) Someone asks language of the meeting
B) Jason Harris says he guess it'll be Spanish as it is the language the wiki is in and also is a event specifically for Spanish people
C) Antonio Larrosa reanswers and says that yeah Spanish will be the main language of the event and that we hope to get people from catalan, basque and galicean translation teams, so that languages will probably be present in the event too. Nothing strange, i remember i spoke Spanish in some moments in the "real" Málaga Akademy with Spanish people and i'm sure some germans spoke german between them also.
D) Someone called Javier Marcet, comes and starts with "Oh my ****!!" + strange sentence about political nonsense that IMHO doesn't fit + "Absurd!", and then asks us to forbid the usage of any language not Spanish.

Sorry, but that is trolling, see it as you want, but people will talk in the language they fell more happy with, forcing people to use a specific language is BAD.

Does this mean i will speak in Catalan to another Catalan if i know there are 10 people around that do not understands us?

Obviously not, noone, nowhere, at any time of the history, as done that, because i will be more "happy" sacrifizing some part of my "speaking mother tongue happyness" to win some "happynes" by the fact that there is more people that understands me.

Obviously you have the right to flame me and disagree, this is all about speech freedom.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Totalmente de acuerdo. D'acord del tot ;-P

Anonymous said...

I read the whole thread and yes, you are completely right, Albert. No one was talking politics until Javier Marcet arrived. Ironically it was he the one who didn't want us to talk about politics...

But then again, you didn't size the single oportunity you had to end it all: you should have stopped at your point 1 and told him that he was the only one there talking about politics. Instead you let your temper loose (like already happened with a poppler developer? ;)

So although you were right, you contributed to worsen the discussion. And not being polite doesn't help your cause at all. Maybe you should try to exercize patience by taming your temper and being always polite?

Anyway, I hope academy-es is a succes. Will you or someone report on the meeting? It would be interesting for the rest of the KDE world (and for other translators too?)



Albert Astals Cid said...

Well, you have not seen me loose my temper yet ;-), but i take the point that i should try to concentrate my efforts in a more productive way.

Thanks for the message :-)

jpatrick said...

I live in Girona, kubuntu dev and sort of a Spanish / Catalan contact for Kubuntu. I wish i could go...