Sunday, September 03, 2006

Konversation 1.0 out

Well, i'm not a konversation developer, only an user and translator, so i should not be really be doing this but as it seems the konversation team ran out of steam with the packagement and last minute fixes i'm going to spread it.

Konversation 1.0 is out :-)

Check out the HUGE changelog at the Konversation homepage.

P.S: Konversation is a nice IRC client for KDE ;-)


Anonymous said...

That's a *big* changelog. Glad to see Konversation moving forward. I use it everyday and it rocks!

P.S. Captchas in Blogger aren't working in Konqueror, it seems.

Rafa said...

In Gentoo it has been available since a couple of days ago :) Haven't dived deeply into it yet, but looks nice!