Saturday, September 02, 2006

Weird reality

You go with a friend and buy a laptop. Boot it up, find Windows preintalled, start up the demo that is on the desktop that says "Know your new XXX computer" and it crashes. You do all the upgrades, start up the demo again and it crashes.

I'm still wondering if XXX company does quality control or they just pack up things and send them to the shops.

I'm not happy.

Update: I did not want to gave the names but as people keep asking shop is MediaMarket and laptop is an Asus Z93

Update 2: He went to the shop and got another one of the same model and seems to be working fine now :-)


Quintesse said...

Why are you not happy? You were going to install Linux on it anyway, weren't you? ;-)

Aleksandar Balalovski said...


Martín J. Ponce said...

Hmm ... the demo crashes ...

so, ¿ Why upgrade the PC if only the demo crashes ? ¿ Why ?, ¿ Why? ¿ Why ?

First, they must fix that demo !

.. or just install another one.