Sunday, December 16, 2007

libspectre 0.1.0 now available

First libspectre release is now available from:

What is libspectre
libspectre is a small library for rendering Postscript documents. It provides a convenient easy to use API for handling and rendering Postscript documents.

libspectre depends on libgs which is available at

More information about libspectre
Web site:

The programming manual:

Bug reports and feedback: Product: libspectre

And yes, in the TRUE cross-desktop spirit this library is programmed by gnome and KDE people :-)

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sping said...

Hello Albert! Great to see KDE and Gnome people work together. I just added libspectre to the Doxygen Users page [1], the update takes extra time though. I guess libspectre runs on a common Unix? Please add a line about operating system support to the libspectre page.