Friday, December 14, 2007

Valgrind 3.3.0

The cool valgrind crew has released a new version, from the NEWS file:

3.3.0 is a feature release with many significant improvements and the
usual collection of bug fixes. This release supports X86/Linux,
AMD64/Linux, PPC32/Linux and PPC64/Linux. Support for recent distros
(using gcc 4.3, glibc 2.6 and 2.7) has been added.

The main excitement in 3.3.0 is new and improved tools. Helgrind
works again, Massif has been completely overhauled and much improved,
Cachegrind now does branch-misprediction profiling, and a new category
of experimental tools has been created, containing two new tools:
Omega and DRD.

Omega is cool it actually tells you when a leak just happened instead of having to wait to the end of program execution to know you have a leak :D

And i already blogged on how useful helgrind can be to detect problems in thread programs, but i'll say it again, helgrind rocks too!


Anonymous said...

Well, what rocks about omega is not that you don't have to wait, but that you receive a backtrace of where the last reference happened :P.

And yes, valgrind 3.3 rocks a lot :)

Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks for the news :)

Waiting for it to appear in debian testing...