Monday, December 03, 2007

KDE-EDU Paris meeting summary

So here's my KDE-EDU Paris meeting summary:
* 14 nice people, some people already knew like annma and carsten and new faces like jpwhiting and SaroEngels
* Fixed issues everywhere ktuberling, kalzium, kgeography, blinken, kate, catalan translation, ... Ok, not all are KDE-EDU related but we are KDE developers after all too, right? ;-)
* Fixed an ugly bug together with Jure 'JLP' Repinc about kickoff search not finding items when their GenericName was not defined, it results in ktrader syntax you have to check that properties exist before using them or you get a tree evaluation error, so it is not (GenericName contains Foo) or (Name contains Foo) but ((GenericName exists) and (GenericName contains Foo)) or (Name contains Foo)
* Together with apol we helped a bit Vladimir making Step compilable standalone and as part of playground-edu and BTW if you have not tried Step, do it NOW! It totally ROCKS.
* Helped SaroEngels with an okular problem on CanNotSayTheNamePlatform, it seems KMimeType::findByPath always returns text/plain on the CanNotSayTheNamePlatform so it's actually not a problem in okular.


annma said...

Lots of work done! Thanks a lot for being so helpful to other people and sharing your knowledge!

chehrlic said...

Can you/Saro tell me more about the KMimeType::findByPath() - problem?