Wednesday, November 16, 2011

KDE/Harmattan brings me back to Berlin!

Until this summer I had never been in Berlin. And now after going there this August for the Desktop Summit, I am going back this weekend for the KDE/Harmattan sprint. My plan for this sprint involves trying to port KTuberling to Harmattan, should not be too difficult after my Blinken port, investigate how to use a proper kdelibs instead of libkok and try to learn as much of possible from all the attendants :-)


Anonymous said...

I love KDE and I love Berlin.

I really envy you!

annma said...

Hi Albert,

My daughter recently played with a game on the N9 "Princess Stickers" where you put pics on a board. We found the phone screen too tiny for this sort of game. And KTuberling has really small pics, difficult to move with precision.
But your work on making KTuberling touch-enabled will probably benefit the tablet, it does not work at all right now.
I wish you a great time at the sprint!