Thursday, November 03, 2011

Blinken: First KDE App on the Nokia Store?

Today Nokia approved Blinken for the N9/N950 and it appeared in the Nokia store.

I started coding Blinken (back then known by the ksimon name) in February 2005 and a few months later it joined the KDE Education project.

The last few months I've been playing with the N950 that the nice people at Nokia lent me and soon I realized that thanks to the Document Viewer (based in Calligra) it has some sort of kdelibs on the device (by the name of libkok) so porting KDE applications to it became a bit easier.

With the aim of having Blinken on my phone I started to work and after a few ifdefs for the mouse hover handling and a bit of QML for bits of the UI I ended up with this commit that makes Blinken available for another platform and to my knowledge makes it the first KDE application in the Nokia Store.


Keith Z-G said...

How possible do you think it would be to port other KDE games to Harmattan? I don't mean that I'm pressuring you to do so, I'm just wondering from your experience then how easy or complicated you think it'd be for someone to port stuff like KNetWalk or Konquest; I don't have $850 to spare on an N9 myself, but if it's within the reach of a modest-but-determined hacker I'd definitely start saving up for one, heh.

Albert Astals Cid said...

KNetwalk should be pretty easy for the main gaming part, thought obviously you need to redo the menus/highscore dialogs/etc since that do not work at all in a small touch oriented screen

sebsauer said...

libkok is a trimmed down kdelibs. See for the related background. It's the fast workaround that is supposed to go away once kde-frameworks is in place :)

Albert Astals Cid said...

@sebsauer: I know, that's what i said "some sort of kdelibs" and not "kdelibs".

sebsauer said...

Okeli. Well, maybe others don't know so hopefully the comment is still of valiue somehow :)