Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Some Okular testing, please?

There are three newsworthy things today in Okular world:
* Michel Ludwig merged into master the branch he had been developing to help him use Okular better from Kile. This should had no impact in regular Okular users but as this is a biggish change it would be great if you all master branch okular users update, recompile and complain if you see any regression
* I committed a patch that will make the UI more responsive on opening for documents whose pages are slow to render. There is no real speedup, but the fact that you have the UI up and running sooner is nice. Again this should be pretty innocuous but if you run master and see any new weird thing on opening files let us know.
* I created a new branch named kill_poppler_thread whose only commit removes a lot of code from the PDF/poppler backend that is not needed anymore since there is now generic code that provides the threading functionality that code had. This should also be innocuous but i am a bit hesitant of merging it into master so it would be cool if some that use okular with PDF files intensively switched to the kill_poppler_thread and verified everything works as it should. If you do, please tell me and it will make my decision of whether merging into master or not easier.


stefano avallone said...

Built okular and kile from git master. I am testing the live preview feature of kile right now, as I am writing a paper. This feature is extremely useful for me and seems to work very well. I'll report any problem I should find (also with the other two changes you mentioned).

Thanks for such great tools!

Anonymous said...

OT: Do you know something about the progess of storing annotations directly in pdf? What happend to the GSOC Project? I've never heard something new on this.

Albert Astals Cid said...

@Anonymous: The student did not produce anything of value