Thursday, May 26, 2011

KGeography questions: Top Left or Centered?

We the KGeography developers are in a disagreement of what looks better, centered questions or top left aligned ones, so we are opening this poll for you the users to decide. Please hop onto this post on the KDE Forums and vote!


Hans said...

Personally I have a bigger problem with the radiobuttons and "Accept" button. I would rather have a button for each option (maybe a centered 2x2 grid?), so that you don't have to click twice to answer a question. This would also be consistent with the "Location of x" test, where you click on the map.

The next logical step is to provide keyboard shortcuts for these buttons, for example 1-4. This would make me use KGeography much more than now.

Finally, if buttons are thought to be too "dangerous", you could add a back/undo button for when the user realizes that he/she has clicked on the wrong answer. In my opinion there's a need that though.

Hans said...

"In my opinion there's a need that though."

It should be "there's NO need for that". See the forum topic for some mockups. :)